Jason Auman

Hi, I'm Jason. I take the fastest thing in the known universe, put it in a box, and turn it into something tangible. Coming from a musical background, I connected the two art forms with the concept of time. Both do an excellent job at contracting, expanding, stopping, and manipulating time. I've had many experiences of getting lost in a piece of music and have had many of the same kinds of experiences with images. Time disappears and there's nothing between me and what these things invoke. I've always been a visual person and have found the art of photography quite amazing. Even in this digital era, there remains the still image. I believe that it will always remain, because of the emotional connection that a single moment in time can provide. I think of the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words". While I'd love to inspire a thousand words of one of my images, I'd be just as happy leaving that person speechless. A lofty goal perhaps, but a goal nonetheless. Whether it be sound and time, or light and time, combining the two can often produce similar results to the observer. I humbly do my best to inspire others with what has inspired me. Please enjoy looking around and if any of these images grabs you, grab it back.
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